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8 Reasons Why Your Home May Not Have Sold

Posted by David Parry on

  1. Photos.  Many times as a real estate professional, I have noticed properties listed that had few if any photos or video added to the local MLS or company web site.  If you are currently selling your home, I cannot comment on this fact with your property.  However, it is one you should ask yourself and see if this is an area that could be improved upon.
  2. Lack of Staging.  Did you stage you home?  If not, this could be one of the problems for finding a buyer for your property.  Remember that you can do all of the staging in the world but if your real estate is priced too high then staging will not work. One of the ways that you can determine if staging is a factor is to the number of showings you had.  A lot of showings and no offers then staging might help.  It could also be related to price but this is an area that our company can assist with as a real estate professionals.
  3. Your Property Could Have Been Incorrectly Priced!  Like it or not, price is generally the main culprit when it comes to why homes do not sell. If the price is attractive enough or priced below market value there is always a buyer willing to purchase it.  Making certain your real estate is priced at market value is important if you’re serious about selling.
  4. Lack of Facts.  Sometimes a common mistake in marketing a home is the lack of information.  Did your agent have the needed facts to communicate to buyers and other agents about updates and additions made to your property? These facts can be a good marketing tool to use in showing potential buyers and is very helpful for agents showing your property as well.
  5. Open Houses. Many agents do not like to hold open houses to the public or for other real estate agents.  It is important to expose as many people as possible (other agents and the general public) to the property.  Open houses are an excellent way to get people inside your dwelling and then get them interested in the property! The more marketing the better for everyone involved.  One of our firms popular marketing tools is through the use of Open Houses.  We believe that an Open House for other agents can also be important as well as Open Houses for the general public.
  6. Working with the Neighbors.  Who better wants to sell your home for top dollar than your neighbors? That’s not to say that your neighbors will be glad to see you leave, only that they will have a concern as to who might move in.  Many times the neighbors in your area would love to help find the right family that they are acquainted with and know on a personal level.  There’s something about having friends living close by that is a good feeling. Usually if your neighbors can help in selling your property they will! This is generally a winner for everyone involved.  Our agents try to work with your neighbors if possible to  make sure they have the needed information to share with any friends or acquaintances they may know who might be interested in your home.
  7. No Internet Presence.  Unfortunately, some real estate agents still do not have their own web sites.  Many real estate agents have websites that are simply billboards for themselves!  Buyers are going to the Internet to get information about homes for-sale.  If your property was not properly positioned on the web for these new tech savvy buyers then you’ve missed a golden opportunity for potential buyers.  Property listed here on HolmesRealty.com is given full exposure to internet buyers shopping for a home in our marketplace.
  8. Communication.  One of the main goals and functions of who lists a property is to a make certain the listing is conveyed to the other real estate agents in the community. Brochures with detailed information, along with other important features about your home need to be readily available for the buying public.  Perhaps your property needed a little bit more of a push to the other agents in the area. One of the main functions of a Realtor is to always keep properties in front of, and promoted to other real estate agents throughout the community.  Our philosophy is that the agents in our marketplace may have a buyer on any given day.  Making sure they are exposed to your listing is essential to help speed up a sale for your property. After all, most homes are sold by someone else other than the listing agent and seeing that your property details are in front of the other top agents in our board is essential!

Don’t be discouraged if you did not have a sale the first go around.  Make sure your property is priced correctly; follow the suggestions with these tips and have a positive outlook and your property will sell soon.

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