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Debra Bartlett

MH Collective
Listing Specialist

Debra Bartlett

Email: Debra.bartlett@holmesrealty.com

Telephone: 250-656-0911
Toll Free: 1-877-656-0911

Fax: 250-656-2435

Debra is a confirmed islander...no matter which island it is! Originally from Newfoundland, Debra progressively moved westward until she finally reached the Pacific Ocean. A sales professional from the get-go, Debra moved into Real Estate in Vancouver in 1991. She moved to Vancouver Island in 1995, a move that brought her closer to family.

The opportunity to work in a team of specialists is what drew Debra to Holmes Realty to become the Listing Specialist on Michele’s Team. “I like the fact that on Michele’s Team everyone is on the same page about the quality of service to be provided,” says Debra. “The team has a creative and dynamic balance, and this is what makes our team so successful in meeting the needs and expectations of our clients.”

Long settled in Sidney, Debra is a great promoter of the Saanich Peninsula. “It’s got a bit of everything—small towns, farmland, shops, and a variety of different types of housing,” says Debra. “There’s something for everyone—a vibrant arts scene for people who prefer indoor diversions, and lots of outdoor activities and natural areas for folks who are into more active pursuits.”


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