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Deanna Kirk

Chief Operating Officer
MH Collective
Team Leader

Deanna Kirk

Email: deanna@holmesrealty.com

Telephone: 250-656-0911
Toll Free: 1-877-656-0911

Fax: 250-656-2435

Deanna is a home-grown island girl, hailing from Port Alberni but now a long-time resident of the Victoria area.  Her role at Holmes Realty is an important one, taking part in both office management and financials and as a critical part of Michele Holmes's real estate team.  On the team, Deanna's role as Customer Care Specialist and Team Manager demands that she sees that all aspects of a home sale and purchase runs like clockwork.  From the Pre-Listing through Marketing, right up to Closing and exchange of Keys, Deanna's level headed organizational skills keep everything on track.

While Deanna’s work centres around office management, she has a depth of knowledge of the Real Estate world born of her almost twenty years with Holmes Realty. “Holmes Realty is like family,” Deanna says. She jokes that “Alberni girls stick together” –a reference to the hometown she shares with Michele.

Outside of work, her life centres around her family. She also enjoys hiking the many trails in the region and is looking forward to doing a bit more travelling as the “empty nest” years approach.

Passionate in all that she does, Deanna is a lynchpin ensuring the smooth operation of Holmes Realty and Michele’s team.

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